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Cargill was founded as a grain storage facility in 1865 by W.W. Cargill. With more than 143,000 employees working across 67 countries, Cargill today is dedicated to growing the world’s food source through a range of agricultural, food processing, financial and industrial services. Cargill provides services throughout the food production supply chain, from livestock feed and commodity crops to foodservice products including beef, poultry, eggs, and Crisco® shortening and oils.

Through its advanced research and development department facilities in North America and Europe, Cargill works hard to develop products and ingredients for varied tastes and cultures. With more than $136.7 billion in sales and revenue over the 2013 fiscal year, Cargill stands as one of the largest privately owned and operated agriculture businesses in the world.

A Cargill palm oil plantation
Harvesting sugar cane
A Cargill salt mine
Cargill soybeans
Cargill cocoa beans
A Cargill soybean plantation
Cargill cattle feed
Cargill farming education and training

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