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Nestle S.A.

Nestle S.A.

Founded by German pharmacist Henri Nestlé in 1866, Nestle originally rose to fame as the world’s first condensed milk factory. In 1905 Nestle merged with key competitor Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company, and another key merger with Peter, Cailler, Kohler Swiss Chocolate Company in the 1920s helped shape the company into the milk-based beverage and confectionery giant that it has become.

Today Nestle S.A. operates as the largest food processing company in the world by revenue, bringing in CHF 92 billion in sales in 2013 through a wide range of products from coffee and tea to frozen foods. Consumers may recognize Nestle through its impressive portfolio of household brands including Nescafe, Nespresso, Nesquik, Gerber, Lean Cuisine, Maggi, and Dreyer's Ice Cream to name just a few. Nestle S.A. employs more 300,000 people in over 86 countries around the world, and is dedicated to leading the way through nutrition and sustainability strategies. 

World's first Kit Kat boutique, Japan
Barcelona Airport Nespresso Cube, Spain
Maggi production line, Nigeria
Ice cream factory, Egypt

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Nestle S.A.