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MaxAgro: family tradition in the agribusiness industry

MaxAgro: family tradition in the agribusiness industry

Cristian Kühlenthal, a civil engineer with more than a decade of experience in agribusiness, joined MaxAgro in early 2005, as manager of the construction project of the slaughtering plant “Planta Faenadora Las Pataguas”. Years later, he managed the commercial area, globalizing brands in upscale economies, these milestones earned him the title of CEO, a position he holds today.

   In an interview with Kühlenthal, he explained us the current production plans of the company and consolidation efforts, after growing more than 100 percent last year, among social, sustainable and innovation activities.

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Business Review Latin America: What are MaxAgro’s top three differentiators in the agribusiness sector in Chile?

Cristian Kühlenthal: We are a family business that focuses on the production of quality products, a process based on vertically integrated models on all of our business areas. For example, in the case of pork production, we control the process since the purchase point, manufacturing, breeding, slaughter and commercialization.

   We are a company that integrates environmental regulations, working with an open door policy, transparency and in direct communication with our neighbors.

   Finally, all the above points empower and enable each of our employees, constantly seeking new ways to make each of our more than 1,600 employees, feel pride in belonging to our company, through a direct, personalized treatment and mutual respect. They are our greatest capital.

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BRAL: What is the role of your employees, local farmers, producers and suppliers, in the success of MaxAgro?

CK: Our employees are our most important resource because they are the ones with the abilities, inventiveness, commitment and knowledge to succeed, allowing us to continue growing. Undoubtedly, without this great human capital we would not have been able to get where we are. Each collaborator has been instrumental in…  To learn more about MaxAgro’s company culture, social initiatives, and growth plans for the future, check out the full interview at FDF World.

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