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Bethenny Frankel branches out into confectionery with Skinnygirl Candy

Bethenny Frankel branches out into confectionery with Skinnygirl Candy

TV personality and entrepreneur Bethenny Frankel has built an empire from her diet books and low-cal Skinnygirl cocktail brand. Now that brand is branching out beyond beverages, announcing the launch of a new Skinnygirl Candy line this week.

“I'm always craving something sweet and I never deprive myself when it comes to treats, ” said Skinnygirl Founder and CEO Frankel in a press release discussing the new line. “I am obsessed with the new Skinnygirl Candy line.  We selected the highest quality ingredients and packaged them in portion controlled servings so you can indulge without the guilt.”

The candy line comes in three types with several varieties in each—chocolates (including truffles and bars), gummies, and mints. The line is on-brand with the rest of the Skinnygirl family, positioned as a premium product at a $4-5 suggested price point. But with availability at select retailers ranging from Dylan’s Candy Bar to Walgreens and Market Basket (and online at Amazon), the products are broadly accessible to

“Skinnygirl Candy fills a void in the sweets industry, giving candy lovers a permissible and well-deserved indulgence,” said Pieter De Haan, President, Rivo. “It’s not only portion controlled to eliminate guilt, but made using only the best premium ingredients so you can feel good about satisfying any sweet craving.” 

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