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[INFOGRAPHIC] Foursquare reveals America’s favorite food and drink trends in 2015

[INFOGRAPHIC] Foursquare reveals stats on America’s favorite food and drink trends in 2015

The year is almost over and it’s time to start looking back on the trends that came true in 2015. In this spirit, social media platform Foursquare put together an infographic detailing the biggest trends in food and beverages (as well as activities in general) across each individual month of the year.

Foursquare released its data along with an explanation of how it was collected and “We started with dozens of queries, crazy algorithms, and spreadsheets upon spreadsheets of Foursquare location data, which includes visits and check-ins, plus tips, mentions, ratings, and other singular insights,” the announcement reads. “Our data surfaces the real-life trends and obsessions of millions of inspired explorers—you.”

It’s no surprise that all-day breakfast trended hard in October when McDonald’s launched the feature nationwide. Cold brew coffee, avocado toast, and craft distilleries also spent significant time in the social media spotlight. Meanwhile a decline in social media chatter highlighted the waning popularity of food trucks—the ultimate in food trends just a couple of years ago.

What else happened this year? Check out the infographic:

[SOURCE: Foursquare]

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