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Sunkist launches new high-graphic packaging for peak season navel oranges

Sunkist launches new high-graphic packaging for peak season navel oranges

Image isn’t everything. But when it comes to marketing your CPGs to consumers, image absolutely helps. The right packaging can catch a consumer’s eye and bring a certain kind of freshness and new appeal to everyday staples. It’s with this attitude in mind that Sunkist has launched a new packaging strategy to market its navel oranges as the brand enters peak season.

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 “Consumers today want to eat seasonally, and retailers can capitalize on this desire by educating consumers in-store about what produce items are at their best,” said Joan Wickham, Sunkist Manager of Advertising and Public Relations. “Sunkist’s new Peak Season Navel orange program tells consumers that we are now harvesting peak-season Navels, with a perfect blend of sweetness, flavor and eating quality.”

The orange growing cooperative launched its new packaging for peak season oranges this week, featuring full-color graphics and a slogan stating ‘Sunkist, with Rich Citrus Heritage since 1893’ to hearken back to the company’s long-standing roots.

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 “As a cooperative of thousands of family farmers, we have a unique and powerful story to tell at Sunkist,” added Wickham. “Our new Peak Season Navel program helps to tell this story by bringing consumers into the groves of one of our growers’ multigenerational family farms. Rich, vibrant imagery shows the quality that Sunkist offers, quality that stems from over 120 years growing experience.”

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