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General Mills is switching to cage-free eggs by 2025

General Mills is switching to cage-free eggs by 2025

General Mills is taking another step forward in growing more conscious and sustainable as a brand. This week the company announced plans to move toward using only cage-free eggs for its products in the United States, with a plan in place and a partnership with suppliers to hit that target by 2025.

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This announcement came within General Mills’ animal welfare policy, which aims to create a more sustainable world through a focus on “five freedoms” including freedom from discomfort and freedom from fear and distress. “We believe that by striving for sustainable sourcing for all our animal ingredients, we will create the environment for more humane treatments of animals globally,” the policy states.

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The Humane Society of the United States has praised General Mills and its decision to go cage-free. ““General Mills is further demonstrating that confining hens in cages has no place within our food system,” said Josh Balk, senior food policy director for The Humane Society of the United States, in a statement to the press. “We applaud the company for its great work.” 

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