Google Express launches same-day fresh grocery delivery service in California

Frazer  Jones
- Supply Chain - Feb 18, 2016

As more competitors toss their hats in the ring, the emerging online delivery industry continues to grow. This week Alphabet Inc. officially entered the fray with the announcement that Google Express is expanding its capabilities and launching same-day fresh grocery services in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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The Wall Street Journal reports that Google Express commenced with its delivery service of perishable goods like produce, meat and eggs on Wednesday this week. In keeping with the normal proceedings of Google Express, the business partnered with several retail chains that consumers can choose from to fulfill orders:

In San Francisco, Google will deliver from Costco Wholesale Corp, Whole Foods Market Inc and Smart & Final Stores Inc. In Los Angeles, it will start deliveries from Costco, Smart & Final and upscale grocer Vincente Foods.


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The business has also reportedly adjusted some of its policies, including upping the minimum order from $15 to $35 with an extra $3 delivery charge (or a $5 delivery charge for non-Express members) to offset the overhead charges of delivering fresh and perishable goods in a timely manner. But given its growing popularity, and the growing demand for convenience in a busy world, even with those higher charges it seems unlikely that Google Express will have trouble finding customers ready to buy.

[SOURCE: Wall Street Journal via Food Logistics]

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