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PepsiCo joins Nestlé and Danone in NaturALL Bottle Alliance

The research consortium hopes to develop bottles and packaging made with 100% sustainable and renewable resources.

PepsiCo has joined the NaturaALL Bottle Alliance, a research consortium that hopes to develop bottles and packaging made with 100% sustainable and renewable resources.

The research consortium was founded in 2017 by Danone, Nestlé Waters and bio-based materials development company Origin Materials.

PepsiCo, the world’s second-largest food and beverage company, said that its R&D capabilities will help the alliance realise this goal.

“Through our Performance with Purpose agenda, PepsiCo is committed to reducing the carbon impact of packaging in line with our goal to reduce absolute emissions of greenhouse gases by 20% by 2030; bio-based PET has the potential to reduce significantly the carbon footprint of our PET bottles, a huge contribution to our efforts in this area,” said Mehmood Khan, PepsiCo Vice Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer.

“We are excited to add PepsiCo’s R&D capabilities to the Alliance and look forward to seeing what the combined efforts of the Alliance members can achieve,” he added.



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The alliance is currently trying to create a PET bottle made purely from bio-based materials such as cardboard and sawdust, according to the statement.

Frédéric Jouin, head of research and development for plastic materials at Danone added: “We are very enthusiastic about PepsiCo joining the Alliance.

“By bringing together major players and pooling our complementary expertise and resources, we can make 100% renewable and recyclable PET plastic at commercial scale a reality.

“We also expect to see additional opportunities for this breakthrough technology.”

This week, PepsiCo also pledged to triple the content of recycled plastic in its bottles throughout the EU by 2030.