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Starbucks to open 10,000 sustainable stores in bid to save US$50mn

Starbucks has announced plans to open 10,000 “greener stores” around the world by 2025

Starbucks has announced plans to open 10,000 “greener stores” around the world by 2025

The plans come under an initiative called the “Starbucks Greener Stores Framework”, which the coffee company will develop with experts in the field such as SCS Global Services, and the World Wildlife Fund.

Kevin Johnson, Starbucks’ CEO, said in a company statement that Starbucks has a responsibility to promote environmental sustainability.

“We are a company in [sic] that believes, in the fabric of mission and values, that the pursuit of profit is not in conflict with the pursuit of doing good”.

The announcement aligns with Starbucks’ efforts over the past decade to create sustainable buildings, working in partnership with the US Green Building Council.

The company has said it will go beyond the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) sustainable building criteria, which it developed alongside the US Green Building Council, to focus on powering its stores in the US and Canada with 100% renewable energy.

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Starbucks plans to introduce technology to both new buildings and in renovations of existing stores that will save 25-30% on energy and water use.

Marketing Magazine said this could save Starbucks around US$50mn incrementally over the next decade.

This year, Starbucks committed to eliminate its reliance on single-use straws in 28,000 stores by 2020, and also said that it is developing compostable paper cups.