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Kraft Heinz to accelerate supply chain goals through transparency

Kraft Heinz releases sustainability report for transparency

As part of the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy, Kraft Heinz has released its first sustainability report.

Since the merger of the companies in 2015, the company has previously never published a sustainability report.

In a bid to be more transparent, the report outlines key CSR goals, including the target of reducing energy use, water consumption, waste, and emissions by 15% by 2020.

The report also highlights Kraft Heinz’ sustainable palm oil success, as the company now obtains 100% of its palm oil from certified sustainable sources and more than 90% is traceable back to the mill.


“Last year we were 0% traceable to the mill, and it’s a very complex supply chain, but we worked with the Rainforest Alliance and over 90% is now traceable back to the mill. We’ll keep working until we get to 100%,” reported Caroline Krajewski, Head of Global Corporate Reputation at Kraft Heinz, to edie.

“It wasn’t a complete overhaul of the supplier base, but rather asking the right questions and putting the right implementations in place to understand the mills we source from.”

“Traceability was something the neither of the legacy companies had ever focused on and traceability, from and industry perspective, has really started to grow in prominence amongst stakeholders over the years.”

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