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Lightning Round: avian flu fallout continues

Lightning Round: avian flu fallout continues
  • The effects of the spread of avian flu within the United States poultry industry are coming home to roost. This week Whataburger posted to its blog addressing the resulting egg shortage and how it will affect the chain’s operations—as it stands, the chain is stocking up gradually and is back to offering breakfast all day, but for the moment egg products will only be served between 5AM and 11 AM. ~ Whataburger
  • In what looks at first glance like an immensely puzzling move, this week Starbucks took the cappuccino off its usual listing on the menu board. But once the chain explains, it makes a little more sense—consumers are more than welcome to keep ordering the cappuccino, as it’s a classic, and the chain has promised that it will be back on the board in the fall and will always be a part of the “espresso portfolio.” But this season, Starbucks is simply focusing on other products. ~ Eater
  • Many brands right now are making moves away from artificial flavorings and ingredients, and Target is right there with them. The major discount chain has announced that it is shifting its marketing focus away from packaged goods and toward promotion of healthier fresher foods. ~ Washington Post
  • It’s true that Hooters may not be the revenue juggernaut it once was, but it is still one of the Top 100 biggest restaurant chains in the United States, serving as the inspiration for dozens of newer “breastaurant” restaurant chain concepts. Still, there aren’t many attempting to highlight male wait staff in the same way that female wait staff are highlighted at Hooters. Tallywackers, new restaurant the launched in Dallas this week, is attempting to change that. ~ New Now Next