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Lightning Round: Chipotle Delivers While McDonald’s Shutters

Chipotle exterior in Ann Arbor, MI [IMAGE CREDIT: Susan Montgomery /]
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill is answering all of our prayers—first it’s finding solutions to the Great Carnitas Shortage Crisis, and now it’s about to start getting around. Chipotle has inked an exclusive deal with delivery service Postmates, which will allow consumers to order their burritos for delivery in 67 cities throughout the United States for as low as a $5 delivery fee. $5 for one burrito might be a little much most of the time, but for the odd sick day or a night in with friends? Priceless. ~ New York Times
  • In less promising growth news, McDonald’s has announced that it’s shutting down hundreds of its low-performing locations. We’re still optimistic that new CEO Steve Easterbrook could turn the franchise around and bring it back to health. But he’s going to have to work quickly. ~ Quartz
  • Low quality chips and Supreme Court beef tacos? Taco Bell, we love you but next time hire professionals to iron out the finer translation points of your online menu when entering a new territory like Japan. Unless you were going for these misnomers intentionally as a viral tactic—we wouldn’t put it past you. ~ Rocket News 24
  • Apparently Brewdog is raising money with the hopes of building a destination hotel near its Scotland brewery featuring its beer on draft in every room. Dear Brewdog: please make it happen. That’s one travel dream we really, really, really want to come true. ~ Eater National