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Lightning Round: Fondue, Tesco, and Kitty Cafés

Lightning Round: Fondue, Tesco, and Kitty Cafés
  • Nobody can argue the fact that Tesco has had an all-around troubling year. But can price cuts and incentives bring back profits for the Christmas season? It’s potentially possible, but it’s going to be tough. Still, with competition gaining traction, Tesco has no other option than to try. ~ Reuters
  • Today in unique burger news from Japan: Burger King Japan is launching Chicken Fondue and Beef Fondue burgers, which will come with a cup of white wine and cheese sauce for dipping your burger in. We want some of that right now. ~ Perez Hilton
  • A Hello Kitty Café may be in the works in California, but in other parts of the world it’s already being fully realized. The latest area to be blessed with the opening of a Hello Kitty Café is Australia—a new location just opened its doors in Chinatown Adelaide this week. ~ Cat Channel
  • The soy protein and lentil-packed Cheerios Protein must be selling pretty well, because General Mills is exploring the trendy health-conscious side of breakfast cereal once again. According to a new report, General Mills is preparing to launch a new Cheerios + Ancient Grains version fortified with quinoa, spelt, and Kamut wheat. ~ Business Insider
  • One of the most prominent arguments against taking organic farming techniques out of niche markets and into the mainstream is that it’s not as productive and would lead to availability problems. But according to a new study by researchers at UC Berkeley, organic agricultural systems are proving to be just as productive as conventional systems. ~ Civil Eats