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KFC’s Colonel Sanders and Green Lantern tackle Zinger thief in new comic book


KFC has launched its third comic book story with DC Entertainment.   

Colonel Sanders once again teams up with Justice League characters, with the comic exclusively available in print at DC’s booth (#1915) at the San Diego Comic Con event running from 19-23 July.

In KFC #3 ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, the Colonel is on a space-themed quest to feed a hungry universe, only to face a “thieving varmint” who steals his space-bound Zinger chicken sandwiches. Helping Colonel Sanders this time is DC’s Green Lantern.


KFC #3’s creative team includes writer Tony Bedard, penciler Tom Derenick, inkers Trevor Scott and Sean Parsons, with a cover by Tom Grummett and Trevor Scott.

“It’s been an honour, a privilege, and just plain FUN working on the last two KFC comics,” said writer Tony Bedard. “I'm super-excited the story is a trilogy now, with the Colonel planet-hopping across the DC Universe. As a former GREEN LANTERN writer, it's great to revisit Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps. I've written many comics over the years, but the response to teaming up the Colonel with DC Super Heroes has been a phenomenon all its own.”

Steve Kelly, KFC US director of media and digital, added: “As the largest pop culture event in the world, San Diego Comic-Con is the perfect place to unveil our third comic book with DC. Fans of the Zinger who have been following Colonel Sanders’ quest to make it the most popular chicken sandwich in the universe will finally learn what’s next for the space sandwich in this latest DC comic.”

KFC first partnered with DC’s Custom Creative Studio in 2015 for the release of the critically-acclaimed KFC #1 THE COLONEL OF TWO WORLDS, which was followed by KFC #2 COLONEL CORP in 2016.