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McDonald’s is Bringing Fried Fruit Pies and Premium Burgers Back

With new management in charge, McDonalds is tinkering with its menu again. Will a new revamp be what the burger chain needs to turn sales around and pro...

Frazer Jones
|Apr 10|magazine5 min read

With new management in charge, McDonald’s is tinkering with its menu again. Will a new revamp be what the burger chain needs to turn sales around and produce a profit? It’s possible, especially when the new items on the menu are items that consumers will remember from years past.

This week McDonald’s announced that it’s introducing new Sirloin Third Pound burgers in three varieties: a Steakhouse Sirloin Third Pound topped with sautéed mushrooms and peppercorn sauce, a Bacon & Cheese Sirloin Third Pound with white cheddar and red onion, and a simple Lettuce & Tomato Sirloin Third Pound with the basics.

A trio of third-pound burgers—sounds familiar? It might if you remember the Angus Third Pounders that McDonald’s discontinued two years ago. At the time, the burgers were taken off the menu as a response to consumer complaints that they were just too expensive, around the same time that McDonald’s turned much of its attention to tweaking its Value Menu. But now the chain is hoping that fans will have a hunger for higher quality burgers, and will be willing to meet the new burger’s $5 price point.

But it’s not all about burgers—a dessert return’s on the menu as well. For mysterious reasons, McDonald’s is showing its Southern California audience an awful lot of love right now. First the burger chain decided to make San Diego the epicenter for its breakfast-all-day tests. Now we’ve got word that McDonald’s is bringing fried apple pie and fried cherry pie back to Southern California. 

Fried pies have been gone for much longer than the Angus Third Pounders—these have been gone since 1992, traded in for healthier baked pies. But it’s hard to argue with a crispy, flaky fried pie, especially at a 2-for-$1 price point. This is one return where McDonald’s could see success, potentially on a nationwide basis if a Southern California run turns out well.