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McDonalds Japan is Launching a Snow Crab Burger for the Winter Season

McDonalds Japan is Launching a Snow Crab Burger for the Winter Season

McDonald’s Japan gets all the nice things, especially nice seasonal things. This winter, that includes a seasonal burger that goes above and beyond: the Crab Croquette Burger.

Okay, so it’s not actually a burger. As a croquette, it’s more like a crab cake sandwich—a crabby patty, if you will—made of snow crab and mushrooms, lightly fried and served up on a ciabatta roll with lettuce and a tomato-based sauce. But this is McDonald’s, and everything that’s not chicken is really a burger at heart so we’ll roll with it.

As Kotaku points out, croquettes are extremely common in Japan (where they’re called “koroke”), and they’re also not a newcomer to the McDonald’s menu. Every winter McDonald’s Japan offers up a new take on the melty, crispy limited offer—in the past the franchise has offered the extra rich and winter-ready Gracoro Burger, a gratin croquette filled with shrimp, white sauce, and macaroni and topped with demi-glace and cheddar cheese.

It’s a good slice of franchise menu localization, and the snow crab is a nice seasonal touch that we’re awfully excited about. It might come off strange in other cultures, but the normality of both croquettes and seafood (there’s a shrimp patty burger on their year-round menu, after all) set this up as a pretty surefire LTO hit within the region.

Still, if McDonald’s did decide to launch these through a worldwide menu roll out, you wouldn’t see us complaining.


[SOURCE: Model Press via Kotaku]