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Yum China, operator of KFC, launches dietary health foundation for Chinese consumers

Yum China has partnered with the ChineseNutrition Society (CNS), China's most respected professional organization dedicated to the research and applicat...

Tom Wadlow
|May 25|magazine5 min read

Yum China has partnered with the Chinese Nutrition Society (CNS), China's most respected professional organization dedicated to the research and application of best nutrition practices, to launch the CNS-Yum China Dietary Health Foundation.

The Foundation, which aims to promote a balanced and nutritious diet for Chinese citizens, was launched during China's 13th National Nutrition Science Congress held on 22-24 May in Beijing.

With support from the Foundation, the Chinese Nutrition Society plans to expand its research into the country’s restaurant industry and increase its focus on public nutrition education, as well as initiatives to promote balanced diets.

Yang Yuexin, President of the Chinese Nutrition Society, said: "We are pleased to collaborate with Yum China, China's leading restaurant company, to establish the CNS-Yum China Dietary Health Foundation. With this Foundation, we hope to encourage more Chinese people to embrace balanced nutritious diets."

Alice Wang, Senior Vice President of Public Affairs of Yum China, further added: "We are honored to partner with China's most influential nutrition organization on this important initiative. Through our joint efforts, we look forward to furthering nutrition research and building understanding of healthy dietary habits among China's urban population."

The company has supported nutritional programmes in the past. For instance in 2007, Yum China and the China Red Cross Foundation established the KFC China Health Foundation, and over the past 10 years, Yum China has provided approximately RMB 15 million (approximately $2.2 million) to support over 50 science research and education programs to improve the eating habits of Chinese people. Through partnership with the Chinese Nutrition Society, the original KFC China Health Foundation has been transformed into the CNS-Yum China Dietary Health Foundation.

Over the past two years, Yum China's flagship restaurant chain, KFC China, has promoted China's National Nutrition Week. KFC China also participates and supports a number of sporting activities. It organizes an annual KFC 3x3 Basketball Championship and sponsors multiple marathons and other events across the country.