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CHICO, Calif., April 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- ( recently announced the official launch of its website and platform intended to help jobless service employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. The site contains a series of safe profile and linking tools that allow people to give direct monetary gifts to service employees who have been directly affected by the pandemic, which is currently causing an enormous, unprecedented spike in U.S. unemployment. Users can leverage the website and app as a one-stop hub to create searchable profiles to appeal for aid and connect with those waiting to help. Each profile may also link to other individual social media drives, GoFundMe campaigns and additional calls for assistance. The site is completely free to use, maintained and staffed by volunteers during this historic time of need.

"After Shelter-in-Place started in my home state, the livelihoods of friends came to a sudden halt and I felt compelled to do something," said Creator and Web Developer, Michael Robinson. "Additionally, the U.S. has lost over 16 million jobs in just three weeks, and that rate is still climbing. What that will ultimately mean for the economy in the future is still anybody's guess. But in every time of crisis, there are always ways to help. And that's why we created To serve as a safe hub where service employees can gather, create profiles, and reach out to their old customers or others who are trying to find and help them." is a privately-produced, searchable public service tool that is 100% free, with no ads. Users' personal information is never shared for marketing or income-generating purposes, and only collects information that has been published on-line or is provided by users. will never sell or rent users' personal information to anyone.

Users do receive account related emails (e.g. a message to confirm an Account Administrator's email, or an email that may be forwarded to others, with a link to the group's site). The site also receives anonymous counts at a regional level to keep track of where, and how often, the app is being used. Finally, although does not charge any fees for its services, any third party linked to a user's account may charge separate fees for their particular platform services (e.g. PayPal, GoFundMe, Venmo, etc.). Use of those third-party sites is governed under the terms and conditions provided by each site, and receives no kickback or revenue from any of them.

Of the site, User Ambassador Mari Sallee said: "We offer a complete package of security and ease of use, and this Tip-Jar site costs nothing for anyone to use. Nail salons, retail shop staff, coffee baristas: just about anyone or any business can use it to reach out for a helping hand. With thousands of profiles in the system so far, it's on the way to filling the gap, and we expect to have about 10,000 profiles within the next week or so, from all over the nation. Using Google Sheets for a Virtual TipJar is a thing of the past!"

Staffed entirely with volunteers, is always looking for more help. Contact Mari Sallee about becoming a site volunteer today. is signing on new members now.

Disclaimer: does not and cannot validate the authenticity of any links to any electronic payment information, as it is publicly submitted. Information on COVID-19TipJar is provided as-is without any warranties. If people send monetary gifts to an invalid ID, an incorrect address, or a falsified account, they may lose those funds. Should people have concerns, please consider contacting the organization or verifying any third party's profile details (e.g. Venmo, PayPal, GoFundMe, et al) prior to submitting payments.

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