Don't Be Dull in the New Decade - Make It a Sharp New Year.


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ASHLAND, Ore., Jan. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- A new year. A new decade. Your kitchen knives have likely been working overtime with all the holiday food preparation and you may have even overindulged in the season's bounty. Now is the time when many consumers make plans to eat healthier, lose weight and get in shape.

Work Sharp suggests a New Year's resolution to get your cutlery in top shape too―for easier, more enjoyable food preparation. And for a sharper new year, Work Sharp is offering 20% off the site with code GetSharp2020 (from Jan. 1 through March 31, 2020) and knife maintenance and sharpening tips from Work Sharp Design Engineer and sharpening expert Travis Campbell:

"If you are ringing in the new year with a resolve to eat healthier, make your own food and get in shapewhy not resolve to get your knives in shape?" asks Campbell.  "A sharp knife is necessary for a great experience in the kitchenand there is a difference between preparing food with a tool that has been well maintained verses something that you pull out of the kitchen utility drawer."

"Ever smash a tomato that was intended for the topping on a centerpiece salad, or find you are unable to cut your potatoes or protein to the same thickness so that they cook at the same rate? These issues and more can be easily solved by maintaining the most important tools in the kitchen—your kitchen knives," said Campbell.

"Knife maintenance is easy. But if you don't do basic maintenance, problems arise. Stop maintaining your car, it will not run as efficiently. Stop exercising, eat poorly and your energy will decrease. Continued use of cutlery without proper care and sharpening creates dull blades that are difficult to useand even dangerous, as dull knives can slip and cause injury." Have a sharper new year with these knife maintenance basics:


Love Thy Knives. Treat your knives with care by storing them in wooden knife blocks; use soft cutting surfaces like wood, bamboo, or plastic; and avoid impacting the edge with hard objects. As soon as you are done using a knife, wash, dry and properly store it to avoid unnecessary dulling. Drying a knife reduces corrosion (which also dulls the edge). 

The Dulling is Real. Despite your best efforts to eliminate knives from dulling, it will eventually happen. Through repeated use, the microscopic edge will roll, deform, and corrode. If the knife is only slightly dull, or the edge is rolled, honing is your best option. If honing doesn't work, you will need to restore the edge by sharpening. 

Sharpen with Care. Sharpening is done by either selecting a courser grit abrasive or increasing the speed of material removal. Most sharpeners on the market today have an option for more material removal, but you'll want to be careful and avoid removing more material than necessary. Find a sharpener that is effective but gentle on knives, applies a consistent edge angle and ultimately, one with precision guides to ensure a uniform edge.    

"Understanding what makes a knife sharp will help you maintain the most important tool in the kitchen. Proper care will produce a sharper knife that is easier and more enjoyable to use, safer to operate, and will provide you with the ability to create healthy, homemade meals all year long. Make it a sharp new year and resolve to get your knives in their best shape," says Campbell.

Work Sharp offers a complete line of sharpeners that fit your budget and sharpening needs. And, to help with your New Year's Get Sharp Resolution, use promo code GetSharp2020 for 20% off at, valid from January 1, 2020 through March 31, 2020. Whether you're seeking a hone for edge touch-ups or a gently effective electric sharpener, we have an easy, reliable, sharpening solution for optimally sharp edges. Visit to find your perfect knife sharpener. To speak with a sharpening expert about your sharpening needs, call Work Sharp Customer Service at 800.597.6170.

About Work Sharp:  Sharpening. It's what we do. It's all we've done since 1973. We are sharpening experts, innovators and knife users. From culinary cutlery and outdoor hunting knives to industrial drilling we bring modern solutions to the age-old problem of dull knives and tools. We're proud to be an American company and even prouder to provide you with quality products. Visit for more information.

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