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HOUSTON, March 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- ENHANCED RECOVERY Omega-3 Sports Drink recently announced the establishment of its ENHANCED RECOVERY Science & Nutrition Advisory Board. Chaired by internationally renowned sports and fitness industry expert Bob Murray, Ph.D., FACSM, the board will explore developing health and fitness applications of the recently launched muscle recovery product.

"Based on current science, we understand how the unique combination of nutrients in ENHANCED RECOVERY Omega-3 Sports Drink works to activate muscle protein synthesis and support repairing and rebuilding muscles in athletes," says ENHANCED RECOVERY Science & Nutrition Advisory Board Chairman Bob Murray, who also cofounded the Gatorade Sports Science Institute in 1985. "It is our purpose to ensure that the product continues to align with the needs of elite athletes as well as evolving science. " 

"It is important to us to take a scientific approach to exploring new applications in sports recovery," says advisory board member and sport nutrition scientist Stuart Phillips, Ph.D., FACSM. "We will follow the science where it leads us."

Phillips co-authored the official International Olympic Committee consensus statement on dietary supplements and the high-performance athlete, as well as the International Association of Athletics Federation series on protein for athletes.

Other advisory board members include Hugh Montgomery, MD, FRCP, who discovered the first 'human fitness gene,' and Kunle Odetoyinbo, Ph.D., a leading sport and exercise physiologist based in the United Kingdom.

For more information about ENHANCED RECOVERY Omega-3 Sports Drink or the ENHANCED RECOVERY Science & Nutrition Advisory Board, visit www.ERsportsdrink.com or call 713-681-6798.

About ENHANCED RECOVERY Omega-3 Sports Drink

ENHANCED RECOVERY Omega-3 Sports Drink supports rapid muscle recovery, repair, and adaptation following intense workouts or competition. Invented by food and nutrition scientist Janne Sande Mathisen and marketed by beverage industry innovators Phil Marineau and Harry Drnec, this unique, patent-pending combination of straightforward ingredients features omega-3 fatty acids, high-quality protein, nutrient-absorption-stimulating carbohydrates, vitamins D and E, and natural antioxidants in a great-tasting fruit juice beverage. A unique attribute of ENHANCED RECOVERY is the innovative stability of the omega-3 fatty acids that eliminates the fishy taste and protects the fats from oxidation.

About the ENHANCED RECOVERY Science & Nutrition Advisory Board

The ENHANCED RECOVERY Science & Nutrition Advisory Board is comprised of four accomplished, international sports and nutrition scientists, including Bob Murray, Ph.D., Stuart Phillips, Ph.D., Hugh Montgomery, MD, FRCP, and Kunle Odetoyinbo, Ph.D. For more about the members of the advisory board, visit here.

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