H2-WHOA: Dehydration warning as nine out of ten Brits not dr

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LONDON, July 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- 90% of Brits drink less than 2 litres of water a day, according to new research carried out by alkaline water brand Actiph, with 1 in 10 drinking no water at all.

The research also showed the nation is instead reaching for highly acidic beverages such as coffee and energy drinks.

With temperatures set to soar in the UK, these shocking figures reveal millions of Brits are risking dehydration during the impending heatwave. 

UK adults should consume at least 2 litres of water per day, however 20% admitted to not drinking any water at all during the day.

Research by Actiph Water showed a lack of knowledge surrounding hydration and fluid intake was clear during lockdown. Alcohol consumption increased by 27%, whilst 1 in 10 Brits turned to water as the last resort, with 22% preferring sports drinks or caffeinated drinks.

Consumption of sugary and caffeinated drinks increased by a third during lockdown as Brits attempt to boost energy and productivity, with 1 in 5 consuming over 1 litre of caffeinated drink a day.

Unbeknown to many, pH also plays a massive part in hydration, but almost half of Brits admitted to having little understanding of the acidity levels in their drinks and 34% did not understand its influence on their health and hydration.  

Actiph Water founder Jamie Douglas-Hamilton says: "Water is behind every biochemical reaction of every cell in the body. It eliminates toxins, regulates body temperature, carried nutrients, absorbs vitamins and minerals, lubricates joints - yet the UK continues to not drink enough water, and consume highly acidic beverages which dehydrate us further." 

Dehydration can reduce concentration, cognitive and physical performance, and increase feelings of aggression or irritation. Research by Actiph Water also showed that over 1 in 3 suffered from daily thirst and a fifth suffered from decreased productivity and reduced energy levels. 

Actiph Water is the first high-alkaline ionised water launched in the UK, with a pH level of 9 or higher, for people looking to find an alkaline alternative to acidic drinks, like energy drinks and coffee. Actiph is made by purifying spring water, adding electrolytes, and supercharging with ionisation to leave a refreshingly smooth, clean alkaline taste. Actiph Water: healthy hydration in the heatwave. 

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Research of 2006 UK adults carried out by Opinion Matters, July 2020  

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