Horrison Resources to Focus on Developing Novel Agarwood Tea

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HONG KONG, Aug. 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Upon conducting rigorous market potential and opportunities assessment, Horrison Resources (OTC: HRSR) has decided to narrow down its focus on the global tea market and wellness industry. The global tea market is expected to rise to over 73 billion dollars by 2024 whilst the wellness industry is a trillion dollar market and one of the world's largest and fastest-growing industries.

Horrison Resources is confident that it can establish strong unique selling proposition in both the global tea and wellness industries. According to Mr. Yap, CEO of Horrison Resources, the team is working relentlessly to develop its uniquely crafted premium quality Agarwood tea, aims to benefit the physical health and mental wellbeing of all drinkers. The tea will contain finest handpicked Agarwood leaves and go through the tea production process by way of traditional roasting.

Agarwood has been lauded since the dawn of time as a gem in the rough. Besides wood, the leaves of the Agarwood are the second most lucrative use of Agarwood for nutraceutical, medicinal, and pharmaceutical applications. Agarwood leaves can be produced abundantly and in a sustainable manner. Apart from being consumed as beverages, Agarwood leaves are also processed into dietary supplements that purportedly act as anti-diabetic and anti-cancer agents. Countries like China, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong have been exporting Agarwood leaves and have mostly been using it as the prime ingredient in their herbal teas. In this day and age, Agarwood tea can be produced not only as dried leaves, but in more sophisticated instant beverages all thanks to new and advanced technology developed by enthusiastic scientists and technologists.

Horrison Resources is working with various industry experts to fine tune in-depth plans on product development, market testing and commercialization of the Agarwood tea whilst ensuring the products and processes are in strict compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Meanwhile, the company confirms that the recently acquired Aquilaria trees are healthy and strong and shall continue to monitor the growth and health condition of the trees.

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