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OLYMPIA, Wash., March 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Fungi Perfecti, LLC (makers of Host Defense® Mushrooms™) partnered with the third-party experts at Natural Immune Systems, Inc to publish a new, peer-reviewed manuscript in the highly respected international, open-access Journal of Inflammation Research. This study sought to determine the efficacy of the 17-species, proprietary beneficial mushroom blend, MyCommunity®. The results were conclusive. Host Defense® MyCommunity® was shown to be highly effective at inducing immunomodulatory events, and also assisted in a post-response return to immune system homeostasis.

Read the new manuscript in the Journal of Inflammation Research linked here – just type "Stamets" in the search bar.

Results of the Research:
In keeping with their commitment to product efficacy and quality, and just mere months after publishing the groundbreaking research about beneficial mushroom mycelium and the fermented substrate on which it's grown, Host Defense® just released new research that demonstrates, yet again, the immune-supporting benefits of mushroom mycelium-based supplements. 

Evidence from the new, peer-reviewed study suggests that this multi-species mushroom blend, MyCommunity®, may provide complementary effects on the host immune response by:

  1. Robust up-regulation of immune cell signaling molecules that strongly engaged the immune response*
  2. Assisting in a post-response return to homeostasis within the immune system*
  3. Releasing a set of growth factors that regenerates and repairs cellular tissue in the immune system*

The results of the research on the 17-species blend, Host Defense® MyCommunity®, indicated that immune cell signaling molecules were strongly engaged.  It was also shown to not only engage responses that support immune-activation but, importantly, to also assist in a post-response return to a balanced state of homeostasis.  Furthermore, the multi-species formula of mushroom mycelium triggered the release of a set of growth factors that helps support regeneration of cellular tissue in the body. 

Data from this study also documented unique and complementary effects elicited by employing a multi-species blend of mushroom mycelium.  The various compounds provided by each different species were shown to work cooperatively and concurrently to engage a wider range of immune cells.  The numerous compounds found in the product appear to create a complementary immune response, working together to elicit a stronger and broader response than one set of compounds alone. 

Host Defense® has dedicated significant resources to testing the activity and efficacy of their products and research will continue to verify immunological and other health-supporting benefits of mushroom mycelium-based products. 

Renee Davis, R&D Director at Fungi Perfecti® commented on the significance of the research:

This study is significant as it characterizes the distinctive immune profiles of the different fractions (or chemical 'layers') of the MyCommunity® formula. We see not only immune activation, but also a modulation effect in immune cells.  We look forward to further research to elucidate the mechanisms of immunological activity, and that replicates these effects in in vivo and clinical settings.

The full article can be viewed in the Journal of Inflammation Research – just type "Stamets" in the search bar.

About Host Defense® Mushrooms
Since its inception, Fungi Perfecti, LLC – maker of Host Defense® Mushrooms™ – has long been a favorite among consumers of natural products.  Always at the cutting edge of mycological research, the company continuously strives to find new and effective ways to support human health with the highest quality mushroom supplements.  A strong commitment to research and education is among the fundamental building blocks of the Host Defense® brand and is what continues to set them apart in the industry.  This is demonstrated by the rigorous research initiatives undertaken by the Host Defense® team.  Just last December, partnering with an independent research lab, they published yet another groundbreaking study in the journal BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine about the immune benefits of mushroom mycelium and the fermented substrate on which it's grown.

Their ongoing dedication to science and furthering the field of mycology is evident not only in their remarkable research initiatives, but also in the fact that their staff includes 3 PhDs and 3 other full-time research scientists.  These mycologists, immunologists, and researchers are all committed not only to the testing of efficacy of Host Defense® products, but to looking for new and innovative ways to utilize the immune-supporting benefits of mushrooms and mushroom mycelium.

Fungi Perfecti launched its Host Defense® Mushrooms™ brand more than 10 years ago, providing products directly to stores and consumers. But long before that, Paul Stamets and Fungi Perfecti, LLC were well-known for their ground-breaking research in the field of mushrooms and mycological solutions to help people and planet. +  Host Defense® products are produced under the direct supervision of Paul Stamets.

Paul Stamets & Fungi Perfecti, LLC
Founder and Chief Science Officer of Fungi Perfecti, Paul Stamets has been recognized for decades as a leading innovator in the field of mycology.  Stamets has focused on revealing the health-supporting properties of the mushroom organism, with emphasis on understanding the unique benefits and capabilities of mushroom mycelium.  As a renowned researcher and author of six books and numerous peer-reviewed scientific papers, Stamets' Host Defense® mushroom formulations have long been the most sought-after and highly valued within the dietary supplement industry.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

+ Your purchase of Host Defense® Mushrooms™ products helps support their mission to reduce carbon emissions, and also supports research to protect bees from colony collapse and conservation of rare mushrooms species in old growth forests.


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