I*SKREAM Joins the Ranks of Women Owned Businesses with Its


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MILFORD, Conn., Feb. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- I*SKREAM chocolate covered Ice Cream Bars now available on-line.  It joins the 4 out of 10 businesses owned by women in the U.S.  I*SKREAM reflects a growing trend of women wanting to start & own their own companies and have control over their lives and how those lives impact others. 

Founder, Susan Patrick, started I*SKREAM with the mission to create a no-sugar-added ice cream she could serve to her four children.  Sweetened with stevia, I*SKREAM offers seven flavors on-line starting February 1, 2020.  "I wanted to return to work after having my children," says founder, Susan Patrick. "However, my passion was in making something I could feel happy to give to them, but I also made it for anyone who wants or needs to reduce their sugar. I love stevia because it's been used for centuries and is 100 percent natural and safe." 

It took over two years to create a taste in her chocolate-covered bars that was decadent but with only 140 – 170 calories and 3-4 grams of sugar.  That's why Susan calls the bars a SUPERTREAT®.  Owning the company also gave her the power to demand amazing inclusions like fresh banana puree, organic cocoa nib, pure bourbon vanilla and nutmeg.  "Starting this company is hard but it also gave me control and flexibility," says Susan.

Susan Patrick is available to talk about I*SKREAM bars but also talk about the benefits of being a female entrepreneur.

I*SKREAM® is available on-line starting February 1, 2020. Contact us at [email protected] https://iskream.com/ for samples and more information about our unique product. To order online visit www.iskream.com.


Susan Patrick, President, ISKREAM, INC. https://iskream.com/ 
203-980-7008, [email protected]

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