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NEW YORK, April 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- It's an historic year for Argentine winemakers and Malbec lovers around the world as they prepare for the 10th year of Malbec World Day on April 17, 2020. Now more than ever, Argentina hopes to extend its warmth, love, and strength to the world—and there's no better way to do that than through the beloved #MalbecArgentino.

Held annually to celebrate Argentina's flagship grape variety, Malbec Argentino, this year's Malbec World Day will honor the connection between Malbec and the country, culture, and people of Argentina. Through the theme "Argentine Malbec, ¡Me Gusta!", MWD will pay tribute to the emblematic strain; an expression that best describes the experience of consumers who have the possibility to taste and discover in #MalbecArgentino much more than just a wine.

Since Wines of Argentina founded Malbec World Day on April 17, 2011, wine lovers around the world have come to eagerly anticipate the annual celebration. While more than 100 events took place in 86 cities across 50 countries last year, MWD 10th year will look a little different in a time of physical distancing. However, Malbec World Day is the perfect way to connect and enjoy a glass while remaining socially responsible amidst the coronavirus pandemic; Malbec lovers around the world are invited to raise a glass virtually, using the hashtag #MalbecArgentino.

The worldwide reach of World Malbec Day is a testament to both the strength of the worldwide initiative and the importance of Malbec Argentino in today's wine landscape. Though Malbec first originated in southwest France around the days of the Roman Empire, it is Argentina that has adopted the grape as its own. The country is currently the world's largest producer of Malbec, having made the variety a household name, and Malbec is the country's flagship grape.

Malbec has flourished since arriving in Argentina in 1853, propelled by a project to bolster and transform Argentina's vineyards proposed on April 17 of that year—the starting point for the Malbec Argentino, which is commemorated each year by Malbec World Day. In fact, recent research suggests that the strains of Malbec found in Argentina's vineyards are unlike ones found anywhere else in the world—making Malbec Argentino a truly unique gem.

However, Malbec is more than a star grape variety for Argentina. Over the years, it has become intrinsic to the identity of Argentina itself, as essential as tango or asado. There is a reason why wine lovers from around the world are drawn to Malbec Argentino: it speaks to the warm and welcoming nature of the Argentine people.

Through Malbec, Argentines can also share a bit of their breathtaking country with the world. The variety expresses Argentina's richness and diversity of land as winemakers continue to explore and push new boundaries. From the limits of altitude to the furthest reaches of latitude, Argentine winemakers are discovering new expressions within the spectrum of Malbec, furthering the complexity and versatility of the beloved Malbec Argentino.

When raising a glass on April 17, don't just toast to the flavor, elegance and quality of Malbec Argentino. Toast to the culture, heritage, and natural wonders of Argentina itself. Toast to the Argentine people who bring the country and its Malbec to life. Now most of all, toast to all of the other people of the world who are raising a glass of Malbec. Though we may be apart physically, through our Malbec Argentino, we are together in spirit.

We invite you to be part of #MalbecWordDay without leaving your home this April 17, join us on our IG and share those moments you like the most and remind you why you keep on choosing #MalbecArgentino.

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