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BATON ROUGE, La., Jan. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- MyHy, a scientifically designed hydration product developed by former Louisiana State University and Green Bay Packers quarterback Matt Flynn, is currently used in several large petrochemical, fabrication, energy, industrial and construction sites across southern and Gulf Coast states. ExxonMobil, Shell Global, Marathon Oil, Entergy Corporation, and Turner Industries are a few companies that incorporate MyHy products into their safety practices by offering the elite liquid electrolyte hydration mixture and freezable popsicles to their workers. MyHy offers three to six times electrolytes of competitors and two to three times faster absorption by the body.

In an effort to drive expansion into new territories, Flynn is working with Belmont Enterprises, a firm focused on manufacturing sales representation. MyHy will serve as the exclusive hydration product for Belmont as they look to bring the product to a 12-state territory targeting the industrial and construction sectors with an emphasis on the Mid-West and Southern states.

"Proper hydration plays a key role in worksite safety, increased productivity, and fewer accidents," said Matt Flynn, Founder and CEO of MyHy. "That's why MyHy was formulated through sweat studies to closely match the concentration of electrolytes in human sweat. The result is a better performing product: our liquid hydration mix tastes great and delivers just the right ingredients to maintain the electrolyte balance that the body needs. We're excited to offer the product to more states to improve safety for workers, and also help their company profits by keeping everyone properly hydrated and healthy."

With a team of top university scientists, PhD researchers, flavor experts, and professional athletes, Matt launched into a two-year phase of testing and tweaking his master formula. The finished product, MyHy, is a great-tasting, modern approach to hydration.

About MyHy: Established by Matt Flynn in 2015, a former collegiate and NFL quarterback who truly understands the importance of proper and healthy hydration, MyHy offers a product line that was once only available to professional athletes. We use clean, all-natural ingredients and no unnecessary sugars or flavors. MyHy was developed by sweat scientists, Ph.D. researchers, and flavor experts to deliver a hydration product used in the industrial sector and available to the general consumer. Visit for additional information.

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