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NEW YORK, June 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Karma Water is exposing one of the beverage industry's biggest secrets. In partnership with a global food science company, Karma Water recently completed a bio-analytical study that shows the key active ingredients found in premixed vitamin drinks and kombuchas diminish sharply over time and within the date code of bottling. Simply put – all too often, wellness beverages do not deliver the nutrition benefits promised on their labels. In contrast, by storing key ingredients in a patented protective Karma Cap until seconds before consumption, Karma assures optimal potency in its lines of great tasting wellness and probiotic waters.

"As people seek the best for their families, making healthy choices means more than reading the nutrition information listed on the label," says CJ Rapp, Karma Water Principal CEO. "Knowing nutrients and probiotics in pre-mixed nutritional beverages and kombuchas diminish sharply over time, we're thrilled to offer a product that delivers on its promise - optimal nutrition and great taste."

Using patented Karma Cap technology, Karma Water transforms pristine water into a true wellness elixir. With Karma, nutrients and probiotics are added at the moment of consumption by peeling the label, pushing the Karma Cap, and infusing the nutrients into the water. The study shows that this unique technology assures Karma Water's proprietary blends of superfruits, probiotics, and vitamins are delivered at optimal potency. Karma Water products taste great and are shelf stable up to 18 months. With Karma, consumers can trust that they are getting exactly what's on the label, every time. 

"In my years working with athletes from high school to professional, I had yet to find a good-tasting beverage that offered quantifiable nutrition, until I discovered Karma Water. It is a nutritious beverage that delivers on its promises."  – Doctor Michael D. Maloney, MD, Chief of the Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Division, University of Rochester Medical Faculty, Rochester, NY.

Since everyone can use an immunity boost these days, Karma Water is passing on the good by donating their immune-supporting probiotic and wellness products to frontline workers who are combating COVID-19 in Karma's hometown of Rochester, New York. As local nurse Meredith Doyle, RN, explained, "In the midst of this crisis, it's great to know there is a product that genuinely delivers on its promise of immune support through the delivery of full-potency vitamins, while maintaining gut health with its probiotic load. It doesn't hurt that it tastes amazing too!" Karma Water plans to expand donations to healthcare workers across the country in the coming weeks. CJ Rapp explains, "We're proud to provide Karma Wellness Water & Karma Probiotic Water to those doing important work keeping our communities safe and healthy right now."

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