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MINNEAPOLIS, Aug. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The Salmonella lawyers at national food poisoning law firm Pritzker Hageman, P.A. are investigating the red onion Salmonella outbreak linked to Thomson International, Inc. Our food poisoning lawyers are signing up clients to file a Salmonella lawsuit related to this outbreak.

"Food producers need to clean up their act. Outbreaks like this happen when produce distributors fail to follow basic food safety precautions that protect consumers from dangerous pathogens like Salmonella," says food poisoning lawyer Eric Hageman.

Red Onion Salmonella Outbreak
On July 10th, the CDC and FDA announced a mystery outbreak of Salmonella Newport infections. Around the same time, a Salmonella outbreak with a similar genetic footprint was announced in Canada. After Canadian health officials linked their outbreak to red onions imported from the U.S., the FDA identified red onions produced by Thomson International, a California-based produce supplier, as the source of the outbreak in the U.S. The red onion Salmonella outbreak has rapidly grown to include more than 300 illnesses, causing Thomson International to recall red, white, yellow, and sweet onions shipped to wholesalers, retail stores, and restaurants in all 50 states, D.C., and Canada from May 1st to the present.  

Sue for Salmonella Food Poisoning
Our team of food poisoning lawyers have been successfully representing clients in Salmonella lawsuits for the past 40 years. We are currently signing up clients for a Salmonella lawsuit in relation to the red onion outbreak. If you were sickened by Salmonella food poisoning after eating onions, you may be entitled to compensation. In order to pursue your claim, our legal team needs to be able to prove that:

  1. You have a confirmed Salmonella diagnosis.
  2. There is proof that you ate food from the restaurant, grocery store, or food company implicated in your case.
  3. Your illness caused you quantifiable harm.

Pritzker Hageman, P.A. is a national food safety law firm that represents people sickened by contaminated food. Pritzker Hageman's food poisoning lawyers, including attorneys Fred Pritzker, Eric Hageman, Raymond Konz, and David Coyle, have won hundreds of millions of dollars for clients throughout the United States.

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