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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., June 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Pure NZ prepares for their Amazon.com launch amidst one of the most crucial times in U.S. history for online buying. Selling products through Amazon brings new opportunities for Pure NZ, not only as a means to directly sell more products through one of the largest retailers in the world, but also as a tool for building a wealth of reviews for their products. Now, with all product sales moving primarily to e-commerce platforms, adaptation to the online marketplace is key to any company looking to survive in the future of retail.

Pure NZ has been selling their fresh New Zealand spring water for over 10 years, both locally and internationally. Bottled water may have started as a luxury item, but has now become an everyday purchase for many buyers, especially through the e-commerce market. Pure NZ founder, Tony Vesper says that even though the company has expanded, the luxury experience remains, and the reason has to do with their exclusive water source.

Pure NZ sources their mineral-rich spring water from an aquifer beneath their Pōkeno, New Zealand bottling plant. Vesper notes that maintaining an "abundant supply and ease of production" is what allows Pure NZ to sell their premium quality bottled water at extremely affordable prices.

But besides their natural product quality, Pure NZ also cites their commitment to sustainability as another aspect of their company's success. Within their home market in New Zealand, Pure NZ sets themselves apart by utilizing all recycled plastics in their Pure NZ original water bottles. Through this action, they are able to reduce the output of new plastics being released into the market every year. And large-scale sustainability efforts go a long way for a company as large as Pure NZ, a company with the largest production capacity of any bottled water plant in the country, able to produce over 200 million bottles a year - more than 32,000 bottles per hour.

Bottling at source through their state-of-the-art facility allows Pure NZ to have the highest level of control over their output and their products. This attention to detail has really shone through in their sales figures, making them an extremely well-reviewed company.

In the world of online buying, especially through Amazon, reviews are as good as currency. Most buyers of premium bottled water brands say that they are loyal to their trusted brand and will continue to buy the same water on a regular basis.

Selling online has become a necessity, and Pure NZ has a strong understanding of tech-literacy that has made their presence known in the world of e-commerce. This is a major advantage for the company, since today in the United States over 75% of all retail sales are all online, through giants like Amazon and Walmart. Amazon alone rakes in over two-thirds of all online sales, meaning that maintaining product listings through their platform is a must.

Pure NZ's Amazon expansion represents a big step for the brand as they make their way into the United States retail market. Look for them for sale through Amazon as soon as 2020.

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