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SAN DIEGO, Aug. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Misadventure & Co. is pleased to announce it will donate a portion of its proceeds of its hand sanitizer sales to fund COVID-19 research. With each hand sanitizer product sold, Misadventure & Co. will move toward its goal of giving fifteen percent of those profits to scientific research institutions including The National Institutes of Health Foundation, John Hopkins Medical Foundation, and University of California San Diego Health Foundation in the name of COVID-19 research and response.

Misadventure & Co., known for its award-winning, sustainable vodka, has always made social responsibility its mission. Last spring, due to quarantine shutdowns and the world-wide sanitizer shortage, the small distillery also began producing hand sanitizer in accordance with Food and Drug Administration and WHO guidelines.

"We are so thankful that we were able to pivot our business and save jobs when the coronavirus first struck. We want to give back by donating to institutions that will help find a vaccine," said co-founder Sam Chereskin. "Now just like our sustainable vodka, consumers can feel good about purchasing their hand sanitizer through our website because they know they will support efforts to end this pandemic. We call on more companies to join this movement and help donate a portion of their proceeds in a similar manner."

Misadventure & Co. liquid hand sanitizer is made with high-quality 80 percent ethyl alcohol. The product meets FDA standards for not containing methanol, acetaldehyde or other harmful substances. Clean smelling and unscented, the hand sanitizer is gentle on skin and versatile enough to be sprayed on surfaces.

A large bottle (8 oz.) retails for $7.75; convenient spray bottles, including hard to find 2 oz. pocket/purse sizes, retail starting at $2.99.  Misadventure & Co. offers carbon neutral shipping for online orders via automatic donations to environmental charities.

For personal orders, please go to

About Misadventure & Co.
The San Diego-based spirits company founded in 2015 is the brainchild of an artist bartender and an agricultural economist who wanted to make doing good viable. Misadventure Vodka is the world's first, award winning, spirit to be made from surplus baked goods. Misadventure Vodka, and now hand sanitizer, are distilled and bottled in San Diego County.

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