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CARY, N.C. and BANGKOK and PHUKET, Thailand and BALI, Indonesia, Sept. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Scholars Of Sustenance (SOS), a North Carolina based food rescue charity operating in Asia was created exactly to serve the world by capturing edible food going to waste, inspect and serve it safely and quickly to those in need. The combined benefits of reducing methane gasses from landfills and feeding needy people good nutrition became the perfect combination, as SOS rescued tons of edible excess foods from going to waste. Lifting surplus food from one logistics system into another safe distribution system became SOS Food Rescue Optimization, redistributing huge amounts of nutrition for the needy in Thailand and Indonesia so far.

Indonesia is the second biggest food wasting nation in the world. More than 65% of all waste going to landfills in Thailand is from food. It is shameful that so many are in need while others waste precious resources – thus SOS decided to do something about it four years ago. Since then over 7 million SOS meals have safely been rescued and served by SOS staff and cooling-trucks.

COVID threw everything into chaos and the hospitality industry lost jobs in every area. Especially in tourism dependent islands like Phuket and Bali the shut-down hit hard, and hunger spread widely. SOS saw the peoples' urgent need for solid nutrition to maintain strong immune systems. Building SOS Rescue Kitchens with an amazing effort by staff and volunteers cooking healthy meals for the needy, SOS has already cooked and served over a quarter million meals in the last 4 months during COVID. SOS works with governments, food donors and others to find the true needy, a moving target during the crisis.

"Partially leaving our environmental mission of saving excess food from going to waste was important, but now we have to simply feed as many people as possible as fast as possible," added Bo H. Holmgreen, Founder of SOS. "Adapting to this new world, our staffs and trucks now impact more people than ever before, we create hope where sadness prevails, and we are not about to relax our efforts anytime soon – as hotels and restaurants start operating again, SOS will return to its main mission of rescuing surplus foods!"

These results are not cheap, thus SOS has launched the "Feeding2020" campaign for donations. While kick-started by private donations to get volume to the sustenance, SOS is growing fast with local community support.  SOS aims to achieve "25 in 25" – a full 25 million nutritious meals served in 2025". Mr. Holmgreen added: "This is the time to work hard with our partners to help communities hurting from the crisis.  We now cook and serve thousands of nutritious meals every day to those in need, but in a dignified way – we do this for the land, the people, and the spirit."

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