Sunwink Debuts Updated Packaging And Brand-New Flavor, Hibis

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NEW YORK, Feb. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Sunwink, the new sparkling herbal tonic brand on a mission to nourish and re-energize the human connection between ourselves and plants is launching their fifth flavor inspired by and in collaboration with black, health, and LGBTQIA+ sexuality educator, Ericka Hart, Hibiscus Mint Unwind, as well as brand new packaging and design featured across all existing products in addition to the new debut flavor.

This collaboration is driven by both Sunwink and Hart's shared love of plants and the importance of self-love in our everyday lives. Made with adaptogenic superherbs, mint and ashwagandha, Hibiscus Mint Unwind was created to nourish your focus and repair your body from stress and fatigue.

After being diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer at the age of 28, Ericka has made it her mission to advocate for human sexual expression as it relates to overall human health and its intersections with race, gender, chronic illness, and disability.

"I felt that collaborating with Sunwink was just another way to celebrate not only plants, but my family. The Marsha P. Johnson Institute is a nonprofit that is out to make a difference with integrity. An organization dedicated to the livelihood of Black trans people, while honoring our ancestors Marsha P. Johnson often photographed with plants and flowers adorning her hair while protesting homophobia and transphobic and police violence in NYC so that's deeply meaningful to me especially living in New York City." Ericka Hart

All Sunwink flavors are inspired by real people with 2% of net sales going to organizations that support people directly. Chosen by Ericka, 2% of all sales from Hibiscus Mint Unwind will go to the Marsha P. Johnson Institute, an organization founded by Elle Hearns that works to protect the human rights of black transgender women.

"The Marsha P. Johnson Institute is honored to have the support from Sunwink and our friend Ericka Hart. Ericka, Sunwink and The Marsha P. Johnson Institute share a belief that supporting women leads to a healthier and better world for all. We treasure the possibilities that exist for us all when we believe in radicalizing our present-day realities." Elle Hearns

Crafted and validated with clinical herbalists to assure true potency, Hibiscus Mint Unwind will be available on February 26th, 2020 in stores nationwide and online at, and will later launch in Whole Foods and select locations across New York City for $3.99 per bottle or $48 for a 12-pack.

Co-founded by Jordan Schenck, former Head of Marketing at Impossible Foods, and Eliza Timpson, CEO, who ideated Sunwink in her Harvard dorm room, Sunwink provides an accessible way for people to experience the functional power of plants.

"Ericka's life's work and her love of plants has deeply inspired us for some time. Making our latest flavor in collaboration with her and in support of the Marsha P. Johnson Institute brings us one step closer to our mission of radically changing the beverage industry." Jordan Schenck 

Using flavor and function from herbs with no artificial flavors, fresh lemon juice to preserve and maple syrup to sweeten, Sunwink's Hibiscus Mint Unwind is a new kind of health drink.

"At its core, this is an incredible moment that celebrates all that Sunwink stands for. We stand for all of humanity, we stand for all of this beautiful planet. It comes in the form of a drink, but it stands for the future." Eliza Timpson

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