teaRIOT launches first-to-market, 100% plant-powered energy

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VENICE, Calif., Feb. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- teaRIOT, a fast-growing positive-energy brand from Venice CA, announced today it is launching the market's first 100% plant-powered energy drink made from simple, plant-based ingredients consumers are demanding, yet current category brand leaders aren't trusted to deliver.

"We will disrupt the $12B traditional energy drink market," said Founder and Chief Rioteer, Laura Jakobsen. "Consumers are underserved. We are creating a different choice to be energized from the power of plants with simpler, cleaner ingredients, instead of a potentially harmful cocktail of synthetic stimulants and high sugar levels the current industry is offering".

teaRIOT is a refreshing and delicious blend of brewed tea, real fruit and sparkling water providing the same energy levels of traditional energy drink brands with better ingredients and better taste.

The certified organic, plant-powered energy comes from a combination of caffeine (160mg) and L-Theanine (100mg) naturally occurring in tea, 100% your daily value of B12 and adaptogens which all together enhance focus and prolong energy levels to fuel personal performance without jitters, spikes or crashes.

teaRIOT is launching its 100% plant-powered energy drinks nationwide in Whole Foods Markets this April and will start taking online pre-orders at teaRIOT.com on March 1st. The line comes in four flavors —Berry, Cherry Watermelon, Citrus and Mango. The 16oz can line up has a suggested retail price of $2.99. Each flavor has 35 calories or less and ranges from 4g-7g of naturally occurring sugar from fruit. No added sugar, no stevia and no monkfruit. No synthetic stimulants.

teaRIOT states it is positioning the brand as a better everyday energy. It is also broadening the consumer base from a traditionally male dominated category by appealing to both men and women who may currently consume energy drinks or may be departing soda and coffee while seeking healthier energy options.

"While the industry amps up caffeine levels and continues to incrementally innovate on the ingredient parameters set by the industry decades ago," Laura Jakobsen said. "We are creating a new game offering energy from real ingredients which respond to the current consumer demand for better, plant-based ingredients and healthier options while still delivering on great taste."

About teaRIOT

teaRIOT is a brand born in Venice Beach California offering organic-certified, 100% plant-powered energy drinks from nature's simplest ingredients with no synthetic stimulants and no added sugar. Each 16oz can combine fresh brewed tea, real fruit and sparkling water. teaRIOT enhances focus and prolongs energy levels through a combination of naturally occurring caffeine (160mg), L-Theanine (100mg) from tea as well as B12 and adaptogens. teaRIOT is an ideal afternoon pick me up, meal accompaniment, pre-post-workout beverage or daily energy source. teaRIOT's 100% plant-powered energy can be found in Whole Foods and online. Follow us on Instagram @teaRIOT or contact [email protected] 


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