From Your Table To Their Farm- Farmers Hen House Eggs Debuts

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KALONA, Iowa, April 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Farmers Hen House Eggs is thrilled to announce the launch of their Traceability Feature. This traceability feature will allow people to see exactly what farm their eggs came from, strengthening the connection between people and the food they eat. Farmers' customers will be able to access information regarding the day the eggs were picked up at the farm, where they were packed and from what farm, as well as giving them information on the actual farmer and his life and certifications.

"We want to bridge the gap between our farmers and our customers, because we know that there is a great satisfaction in knowing and trusting where and who your food comes from.  That's why we're one of the first companies to use blockchain technology to provide our customers with the utmost transparency."

This feature, using blockchain technology, will connect the customer directly to the egg's origin. Customers will scan the QR code on their carton which will then take them to a website where they will enter the data from the carton. As soon as the data is entered, they will have access to all the information regarding the origin of their carton of eggs.

"We believe that the hallmark of ethical food production is transparency. That's why we've provided our customers with the opportunity to see and know exactly where and who their food comes from with our new traceability feature."

There's farm to table, and then there's table to farm. Farmers Hen House does both.


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